Ancient Treatments For Anti Wrinkles :

Anti wrinkle treatments can be traced all the way back to the Egyptians. Today’s anti wrinkle products have moved away from chemicals to using all natural products. Some of the oldest anti wrinkle treatments used sweet almond oil, frankincense oil, almonds, and aloe vera. Many of these products are using in current anti wrinkle products.

Cleopatra was also ahead of her time by taking sour milk baths. Today an important product in anti wrinkle creams are hydroxy acids, which are derived from milk sugars. These types of products make your skin very sensitive so remember to apply sunscreen and cover up.

Cleopatra also added fruit juice to her skin care routine and this was once thought to be strictly for aromatherapy. However the antioxidants in fruit juices are found to counter act free radicals, which are one of the main causes of wrinkles and other aging signs. Fruit extracts and compounds from fruits are frequently found in anti wrinkle and anti aging products.

An anti wrinkle product that is not widely known is the anti wrinkle pill. This pill is used to fill any whole sin your diet that may be causing wrinkles. There has been much research conducted on health, food, lifestyle, exercise and wrinkles. It is proven that there is a connection between wrinkles and nutrition. Basically by consuming foods that cause inflammation you are increasing the chances of wrinkles. Inflammation is caused by hormone sand the ingredient sin the anti wrinkle pill counteract those hormones and reduce inflammation.

Some popular and effective anti wrinkle and firming creams include Lancome Renergy 3D, Chanel Precision, Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift, Freeze 24/7 anti wrinkle cream, Royal Touch serum and more. When choosing an anti wrinkle cream make sure you read the label and chose one made of all natural ingredients. All natural products are much more effective and better for your skin in general.