Best Exercises For Healthy Living: When you are trying to lose weight exercise is an important part of the overall process. Though you should keep in mind that no amount of exercise can make up for an extremely poor diet. Combined with a healthy, reduced-calorie diet exercise can help accelerate your weight loss and can help you maintain it after your period of dieting is over.

There are many different forms of exercise a person can elect to participate in. Most of them can be tailored to fit an individual’s level of fitness, personality, and schedule. Just because you do not have a 30-60 minute block of time each day to devote to exercise does not mean that you cannot get fit. Three sessions lasting 10-20 minutes are just as effective. You should balance your workouts between a combination of cardiovascular workouts, strength training, balance, stretching, and stress relief.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Aerobic exercise is important for a healthy cardiovascular system as well as for fat and weight loss. There are many different ways you can get an aerobic workout. Your goal is to simply raise your heart rate to rate at which your body starts burning fat or the rate needed for cardio conditioning. There are many charts available that can show you what heart rate you need to achieve for either of these states. Many people think of home workout videos when they think of aerobic exercise. They are correct and you can do a variety of aerobic workouts at home either on DVD, Blue Ray or found on the internet. There are many other ways to get aerobic exercise too, such as biking, swimming or walking.

Running and jogging are two very effective methods of aerobic exercise. The benefits are a stronger heart and lungs, stronger muscles, more endurance and as a bonus jogging and running is one of the best ways to tone your abs. You be fit by running as little as three times a week for 20 minutes, or you can work towards long distance running goals such as 5k,10k, half marathons and marathons.

If you are new to exercise you may want to begin with walking. It requires no equipment besides a good pair of walking shoes and you can find ways to squeeze it into your day in short bursts. Once you can walk for two miles easily you can begin doing interval training where you jog for a short distance and then walk to recover. You repeat this and over time you spend less time walking and more time running until you are running the entire distance. Or, if your joints will not allow you to run you can always keep walking. It is an healthy and effective exercise in its own right.

Strength Training

trength training is just as important as aerobic exercise for a healthy body, but the average person does not need to spend as much time doing strength training as they do performing cardio conditioning exercise. You adjust strength training to reach your personal goals the same way you can cardio conditioning. To build strong healthy muscles and bones you really only need to do 20 minutes of strength training twice a week.

You can do strength training everyday if your goals are to build a great deal of muscle, but you do need to allow 24 hours between training the same muscles. Most people who elect to train everyday do this by working their upper body one day and the lower body the next. Abdominal muscles are different and you can work those every day.

There are two different ways that you can approach weight training. The first is to do light weight with many reps. This builds long lean muscles and helps burn calories as you work. Most women chose this type of strength training because it does not build big, bulky muscles. The next time of strength training is the type that most men prefer. It is doing fewer reps with heavier weights. Consuming enough calories from protein is important for building bigger muscles.

Balance, Stretching and Stress Relief

Two of the most popular types of exercise for balance, stretching and stress relief are yoga and Pilates. Both of these forms of exercise have the added benefit of working as strength training workouts too. Pilates is a great method of exercise for strength and balance because it works your core. Core muscles are essential for good balance and strengthening them can make you more agile and improve posture as a bonus. Pilates also helps women achieve the long lean look they are looking for. Pilates can be done at home, at the gym or at a dedicated Pilates studio. Pilates was originally designed for soldiers who were injured and were bed ridden. This means that most people, of all fitness levels, can participate.

Yoga is another form of exercise that can be customized to fit people of all fitness levels. All of the yoga poses can be modified for people who are not seasoned yoga practitioners. Yoga is excellent for balance, stretching and stress relief. Many yoga poses can also help a person build muscle strength. People who practice yoga on a regular basis find that they have more mental clarity and better appetite control.

What to Take Away :

Balance is important in all aspects of our lives. This is especially true when you are losing weight and getting in shape. For optimum health you need to strengthen your cardiovascular system, strengthen and tone your muscles and work towards better balance, more flexibility and stress relief. While no amount of exercise can make up for a really poor diet, it can help you lose weight faster and will definitely help you keep it off once you lose weight. Most of the previously discussed activities can be tailored to work for any fitness level. You can start working on your health and fitness today. There are so many benefits to fitness that it just makes sense to work towards a healthier heart, mind and body today.