Do’s and Don’ts Of Physical Fitness :

Do make sure that you warm up before any round of exercise and down afterwards.

If you fail to prepare with a good warm up you may well find that you tweak a muscle pretty early on and are unable to exercise for days or even weeks afterwards. Fail to warm down and you’ll feel stiff. Either way, it’s counter productive

Don’t overdo things.

You may feel like going the extra mile on top of what you had planned because you feel like you can. But a regime is a regime, and doing too much will have detrimental effects just as not doing enough will leave you short of the level you were aiming for. Neither situation is welcome

Do prepare with a decent meal.

Nothing heavy that will sit on the stomach. Your body will go through a lot of processes as you are training, and attempting to digest heavy food at the same time will lead to complications, and potentially the meal making an unwelcome reappearance at an inopportune time. Not what you want.

Don’t skip lunch before you go training in the afternoon.

You need the energy levels that it will bring, and if you go without you will find yourself paying for it by becoming light-headed and weak, and will not be able to train to any real intensity. The effect will be such that you may as well not have bothered training at all.

Do allow yourself a break if you are feeling pain.

Some people live by the maxim “no pain, no gain”. But if that pain happens to be a muscle tear or a lack of any one of a number of important bodily nutrients, the gain will be just about non-existent unless you have excellent health insurance. Listen to your body.

Don’t stop running because you are bored and think you can come back and do it the next day.

A health regime is designed to be stuck to, and by moving it around to suit your whims you are messing with its efficiency. If you are getting bored, challenge yourself to finish, with the reward being a healthy but tasty meal at a restaurant.