Extreme Hottest to Extreme Coldest temperatures

Let’s start with the Hottest Temperatures

Number  10.

Brake discs of formula 1 car.

During such Heavy Breaking, Pads and Brake rotor can warm from 400°Celsius to 1000°Celsius.

1000° Celsius Generally occurs at the very end of the braking.

Number  9.

Volcanic Lava eruption.

The Temperature of lava when it’s the first eruption almost 1200°Celsius.

Number  8.

The Surface Of The Sun.

The Temperature Of the sun’s Photosphere is About 5,500°Celsius.  At this point, Sun’s Radiation is detected as visible light.

Number  7.

Earth’s Core.

Earth’s Inner And outer core estimated at 6000°Celsius.  

That’s as, hot as the sun’s Surface Temperature.

Number  6.

Nuclear Explosion.

The Temperature inside a Nuclear Explosion Fireball reaches about 10,000,000°Celsius and Produces a brilliant fireball, Like This. It is almost equal to the Interior Temperature of the Sun.  

Number  5.

Sun’s Core.

At the core of the sun, gravitational attraction Produces Extreme temperature, which can reach  15,000,000°celsius.  In here Atoms of hydrogen get compressed and fuse together then create Helium. This process is called Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fusion produces a huge amount of energy.

Number  4.

Newly Formed Neutron star.

The temperature inside a newly formed neutron star was about 99,999,999,726°Celsius. They are so dense.

If a normal- Sized matchbox contains a neutron star Material would have a weight approximately 3 billion Metric Tons.

And some newly formed Neutron stars rotate at up to several hundred times per second.

Number  3.

10-4 seconds Old Universe.

The temperature of the universe at 10-4 seconds old is almost 1,000,000,000,000° Celsius.

Number  2

10-35 seconds Old Universe.

Temperature of the universe at 10-35 Seconds Old is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000°celsius.

Number  1.

See This Number.


This is the Hottest Possible Temperature In the Universe. Which conventionally Physics Break Down.

This Temperature is also called as absolute Hot or plank Temperature.  Ultimately this can only come when the universe will have to reach thermal equilibrium. When it happens all the objects are at the same Temperature.

That’s All About Hottest Temperatures.

Let’s jump Into the Coldest Ones.

Number  10.

Anna Bågenholm.

29-year-old Anna Elisabeth Johansson Bågenholm is a radiologist from Sweden. In 1999 she survived after spent 80 minutes in an ice trap after an accident on skis. During this time her body temperature decreased to 13.7 °Celsius.  This is one of the lowest survived body temperatures ever Recorded in history.

Number  9.


-31°Celsius is the Lowest Operating temperature of most Cold-resistant Mobile Phones.

Number  8.

-40° Celsius.

The point where Fahrenheit and Celsius’s scales meet.

Number  7.

January 23, 1971.

On January 23, 1971. all the weather records in Alaska were recorded under the -62°Celsius. This is the coldest Ever in the United States.

Number  6.

-184° Celsius.

This is the average temperature on the dark side of the moon.

Number  5.


Uranus is the Coldest Planet in the Solar system. In here The Normal Temperature is Up to-216° Celsius.

Number  4.


Quaoar is a dwarf Planet Which is one billion Kilometers Beyond Pluto. The surface Temperature of Quaoar is -220°Celsius.

Number  3.

The Boomerang Nebula.

The Boomerang Nebula is the coldest place in the universe which is 5,000 light-years far away from Earth.  The temperature in here is almost -272°Celsius.

Number  2.


which is also called as a water bear or moss piglets.


this is almost equal to the absolute zero temperature ever achieved. No other living creatures will not survive at this temperature, except these.

These are the toughest animals in the world,  and Scientists have found that tardigrades have what seems almost like superpowers. Because tardigrades can survive in space, inside a volcano,  and at the deepest point in the ocean. These are the lowest temperature surviving living things on the earth. tardigrades are Hardcore and Indestructible.  Mostly these are about 0.04 inch or less in size. 

Number  1


This is the Lowest man-made Temperature ever nearly reached to the absolute zero.

In 2013 MIT Researchers cooled a sodium gas, to the lowest temperature ever recorded in history.