Collagen products are becoming very popular for anti aging and anti wrinkle creams. Collagen is found throughout the body and is basically a connective tissue. It makes up about 2/3 of skin and is mainly found in the dermis. Besides promoting elasticity in skin it is also important for healing wounds and has been used in healthcare since as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

Wrinkles are linked directly to the loss of collagen and the body starts to lose collagen at around 25 years of age. Collagen is used in skin care products and lotions and cream to moisturize the skin and bring back some of the skins elasticity and firmness. They actually stimulate the production of natural collagen in your skin. Most collagen products simply keep your skin very well hydrated.

You can also consume collagen drinks to slow the formation of wrinkles and other aging signs. This works much better then topical creams as you are stimulating production form within the body where collagen is produced. Collagen supplements taken on a regular basis can stop the loss of collagen by replenishing your supplies. Not only will your skin look better but also your entire body will be affected.

Collagen injections are very popular but can be very expensive at $350 dollars an injection. These treatments can also be painful as your skin has not had time to adjust to the collagen increase and swelling and pain are typical. Also this type of collagen treatment is only a temporary quick fix.