Hectic schedules. Rush hour. Overtime.

It is no wonder that everyday stresses take a toll on our bodies, tiring us out and interrupting our sleep habits. A lack of rest is most evident on our faces, with puffy bags forming around our eyes. In order to look more rested, do two things.

First, get more rest.

Secondly, try our simple quick-fixes to reduce the appearance of bags around your tired eyes:

  • Cold Spoons:

Put two metal teaspoons in the freezer before you go to bed. When you wake up, retrieve the spoons and place them over your closed eyes as you lean back and rest for a few minutes. The chilled surfaces of the spoons will cool and calm the skin around your eyes.

  • Tea Bags:

Steep two tea bags (black or green tea) in boiling water. Remove from water and place in the fridge until cold. When chilled, place a tea bag over each closed eye and lean back for a few minutes. Caffeinated teas are especially beneficial, as the caffeine helps increase blood flow under the eyes. This works to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Green teas have anti-inflammatory benefits. Both types of tea contain powerful antioxidants that help reduce signs of aging.

  • Cucumber Slices:

Place a circular slice of chilled cucumber over each closed eye and lean your head back. Rest for several minutes. Cucumber helps calm and soothe the skin, and helps hydrate the skin due to its high composition of water.

Dealing with puffy eyes is simple and easy. Try out these time-tested tips to keep your eyes looking fresh and well-rested.