Many people will put some really weird things on their face to improve their skin care. However many tips and tricks that you read about do not actually help your skin and certain products that you may have heard bad actually do not affect the skin at all. It is a fact of life that break outs, scars, ingrown hairs and blackheads occur and sometimes you can’t do anything about them or prevent them.

A common myth is that eating certain foods will cause your to break out in acne. This is false as the oil or grease from the food is in no way secreted through your skin. Acne is when dead cells stick together in a pore and specific bacteria is present. So eat that chocolate as it is in no way responsible for acne.

Yes it is good to wash your face but forgetting to wash your face will not cause black heads. Most individuals believe that black heads are from dirt but this is not true. Blackheads occur when pores become dilated and dead cells build up. To prevent black heads you should exfoliate your skin on a daily basis.

You can do facial exercises until you can’t move and your skin will not look younger. In fact facial exercises can cause more wrinkles and enhance already present lines. Unlike the rest of your body the muscle is attached directly to the skin, hence facial expressions. Daily exercises will only advance the aging signs that you are already fighting.

Another myth is that by wearing a higher SPF sunscreen you can stay out in the sun longer. The amount of UV rays that are blocked by SPF 30 sunscreen is only 2% better then SPF 15, and SPF 40 is only 1% better then SPF 30. To completely protect your skin you should reapply sunscreen every two hours and chose broad spectrum sun protection.