It is possible to use exercise as an anti aging treatment. Exercise can slow down skin aging, help maintain your brain function and memory and keep your body active and feeling young. Actually remaining active can be difficult, as technology has turned the world into a less labor driven world. Many jobs now revolve around sitting in front of a computer instead or doing manual labor. To counteract for this change it is important to exercise particularly when you are over 40.

The human body was designed for exercise and work, as humans were originally hunters and gatherers. Staying fit and exercising has been proven to make your less susceptible to disease, reduces stress, retains your brain power as you get older, keeps you in better spirits and you will not fall or fracture your bones as easily.

There are three types of exercises you should use for anti aging benefits.

The first sort is aerobic exercise. This form of exercise will get your heart pumping, move blood through your system and increase the oxygen flow to your skin and your brain. The increase in oxygen flushes out toxins that can cause wrinkles.

And the second one is Balance and coordination exercises are needed to decrease your chance of falling. Older individuals will have a very hard time recovering for a fracture or broken bone and many times they do not fully recover and will have problems until they die. Every year and individual loses about 1% of balance and coordination so you need to practice to maintain what you have, all you need is 10 minutes a day.

Finally weight bearing exercise is needed to keep your bone density up and muscles strong. Weight bearing exercises will also help build up your ligaments. This is particularly important for women that may have osteoporosis in the family.