think What Would Happen If All Humans Suddenly Disappeared From Earth

On The Day when humans disappear, nature takes over the charge immediately to clean our Cities and air.

Most Population countries like China and India will Become Empty.

No car Horns and traffic in big giant cities like New York and London.

After Just One day of humanity disappearance, the entire will go into the darkness.

lights around the world will shut down. Nuclear power plants will go into the safety mode

Fossil fuel power plants would run out of fuel and solar panels would eventually get covered in dust.

The only power plants still running would be hydroelectric stations.

Wind turbines would keep working until the lubricant to keep the blades spinning runs out.

After two to three days later Most of the underground train systems and subways will be flooded and completely submerged.

Because Pumps that keeps the water out of Subways would stop.

After 36 hours, The subway system Would begin Transforming into a network of underground rivers.

Ten days later pets and billions of chickens and millions of cows and other farm animals would die off because of starvation and dehydration. Big dogs will form and start to hunt down other animals.

A month later, the cooling water in nuclear power stations would have evaporated. This would lead to a series of disasters across the world, stronger than Fukushima and Chernobyl. ‘But overall the planet would recover from the radioactive contamination rather fast and easily,

And Start Forming Dangerous Islands OF Radioactivity That would last For Thousands Of Years.

Petro Chemical Plants Around the World Could Go up in Flames.

The atmosphere all around the world would become a “Mini chemical Nuclear Winter”

This will result in the deaths of millions of animals due to cancer.

However, the planet will, overall, actually recover from the contamination fairly quickly.

One year later, satellites around Earth will start to fall from their orbit, creating strange stars in the sky.

It will look like really cool shooting stars that will be seen only by packs of wild dogs.

Plants Would Start to takeover Homes And Cities.

Twenty-five years later, three-quarters of cities will be covered with vegetation, some cities being buried in sand – like Dubai and Las Vegas.

Food crops Would Revert to Their Wild States.

Animals Population Would rebound rapidly.

The air in cities will become cleaner and visibility will improve.

Three hundred years later: metal buildings, bridges, and towers will start to break apart because of corrosion.

The Eiffel Tower will fall down.

The Golden Gate Bridge will collapse.

Anything that’s made of metal or steel will fall apart, because no humans are around to maintain the structures, and protect them from corrosion. And steel within concrete structures will swell to three times their size, causing more things to collapse.

Swamps will make a comeback, thrilling birds everywhere.

marine life will expand its population.

10,000 years later: the only evidence of our existence will be the things we’ve made with stone like the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China and Mount Rushmore.

100,000 Years later.

The plastic bottles and pieces of glass will finally be gone.

Atmospheric CO2 Levels Return to Pre Human Levels.

50 Million Years later

By now, the only trace of our entire human existence will plastic bottles and pieces of broken glass.

300 Million Years After Humans

There will be no trace of us at all. If another species comes to our planet, they won’t even know we were existed.